Saltire Bikinis – Stylish, easy to wear, patriotic and fun!

The Saltire Bikini – You're Scottish and gorgeous... say it loud and proud!

Click here to buy the Scottish bikini – Stunning summer classics for just £20!

How many times have you envied girls in their Union Jack and US flag bikinis? Now it's your turn. In response to a massive demand we've created the world's first Saltire Bikini, specially designed for fun loving Scottish women of any age.
Our fab Scottish bikini is just the thing to wear for the Great Scottish Run, Rockness, Balado's T in the Park in Kinross-shire or for simply soaking up the sunshine. It's perfect for long, hot Ibiza nights in Manumission, Pacha and Amnesia. It's ideal for hen weekends. And, of course, it's great for lazy days on the beach whether it's the Canaries or Greece, Florida or the Costa del Sol. Wherever you are, you'll make a big Saltire splash!

Saltire Bikinis – Beautiful Scottish Bikinis with
quality in mind

Buy your Saltire bikini now
or take a tour of our site and find out more. Each lovely Scottish flag bikini costs just £20... great news for your pocket as well as making you look good enough to eat!

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